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What? Really has it been so long ago that I last wrote one of these things?  Damn I’ve been lazy.  And to be fair that has been the watchword for a while.  Since Episode 1 ran into delays I stalled and ummed and ahhed about various things to do with Episode 2.  Now though I’ve had to pull my finger out and compile all the stuff I’ve daydreamed about and half planned into an actual living, breathing exercise in the TTZ universe.  Not as easy as it seems.  Since becoming an actual manager at the cinema that I slave away in for a real job I find my time eaten up by concessions concerns, equipment failures, staff training and lots of exciting administrative and behind the scenes machinations.  Back when I was in projection I could spend my down time mashing out script ideas and putting stuff into a recognisable script format.  Without that opportunity I have become idle outside of work with regard to writing.  To that end I started a little WordPress blog ( containing some random film reviews that I have been writing to try and keep my hand in and keep my brain active whilst it searches for inspiration for Todd action.

Now that Gax has been able to solve a few casting issues and get back on track though it’s all systems go here at writing HQ (which translates as some panic re-writing and procrastinating by writing a new blog).  So look out for episode one being released shortly and a few updates about how episode 2 is coming along in the near future. 

Keep watching the skies!

No wait, that’s not right….


Waaaaaaaiiiiiittttttiiiiiing for episode 5, and trying not to get way ahead by starting work on Season 2 - even though I know exactly what I want to do over the season arc and even some of the episode specifics.  Just letting the thoughts stew and swirl and see which of the stronger ideas survive.  Plus I’m still considering the idea of writing the ‘lost’ episode of season 1 which was jettisoned for a number of reasons, such as it not fitting in with the season arc, being slightly out of tone for Todd, not having an ending and having more bad language than we tend to use in Todd - all for a good plot important reason, but still…  Meanwhile back in the real world, I’ve gone up in the world and am now a manager in the cinema where I work - which happened just in time for the release of The Avengers - the joy.  This is currently eating up my time, so no more script writing in work - especially not with Dark knight Rises out in a week!

See you soon - hope you enjoy episode 5...


Hi Todd fans!

Well It's been a while since my last blog, but as usual writers procrastination set in and I just kept putting it off.  Now that Episode 4 is nearing completion though seems like a good time to speak a little about it and the forthcoming Episode 5: Deus Ex - Human Resources.  Episode 4 took much longer than usual due to its slightly unusual structure that took a while to crack - writing for Portals is not as easy as it sounds; well it could be, but I chose the awkward path of being a bit of a clever dick with it :-)  Anyway it will soon be available for you to watch, so you will see why the delay was inevitable. 

Episode 5 however is coming along well but each new pass at it adds slightly more quirks and plot deviations that I may have to lasso in.  I'm not going to spoil the plot, but it continues almost directly on from Episode 4: Satsuma and ties up a few loose ends from throughout the series along with some startling new plot developments that will echo throughout series 2 of Todd the Zombie (which I've already loosely sketched out just so things from this season make sense later on). 

I would like to say how well Gax and the team handle all the crazy shit I keep writing (witness the new
Movie Night short) and somehow make it even better/amusing than it is on the page.  It does amuse me whilst writing certain things to stop and think "how will they animate this?" but the guilt passes extremely quickly :-)

As Gax has said its possible all work will stop for at least a week come March 9th (or Mass Effect 3 day as its really called) so I'm sure you'll see more developments after that.

Also a big hurrah for Twilight Zone Season 1 on Blu-Ray, an absolutley stunning bit of remastering and chock-full of bonus stuff for every episode check it out if you can!!!

Gallaxhar out.


Wow, everyone else seems to have been knocking these blogs out this month, make the ACTUAL writer look pretty bad :-)

So, episode 3 is on the way and if you have seen the trailer (if you haven't, you're probably not even reading this...) you will know by now that Episode 3 may just feature the most dangerous autonomous piece of machinery since The Mangler!  Still it was hard to put this one into a video game style perspective - the original draft ran to just over 40 pages and there's NO way Gax was going to put that one together so a lot had to be left by the wayside - although I would be very unsurprised if some of it didn't find its way into other stories. 

So, with that one on its way, its been time to start Episode 4 which excitingly enough feeds directly into Episode 5 which will bring Season 1 to a close, so its a tough one to write.  Doubly so seeing as how I had the bright idea to base it round the concept of Portals (guess which game may have slightly influenced this one...), which means that its either going to come out as clever clever or something grotesquely malign and dangerous.  Which is nice.  I've made a lot of notes, storlyine concepts and its starting to come together nicely, but as I said it has to tie in with Episode 5 which is so under wraps right now, nobody can tell what it is, not even if you hold it up to the light or shake it about!  Luckily I DO have some vague idea of what it is, but as usual until you open the box, who knows what slimy, creeping unknown will escape. 

I'll try to do more blogs (I'm still getting used to the idea of conferring my thoughts and process to all you Toddites out there) as this season races to a close so keep a look out.  And don't forget to check out everyone else's far more exciting blogs. 

Shiny, my first bLog for Todd the ZomBie.  Wait…you want more?  Fine.
So, I’m currently working on Episode 3, with the *CENSORED* and the *EMBARGOED* plus I’m especially fond of the *REDACTED-REDACTED-REDACTED* which is nice.  The guys are currently animating Episode 2 which I think is called ‘Snnnnnnooooooookerrrrrr’ or something similar.  To be honest it was so long ago I don’t even remember writing it. - come to think of it one time the cat fell asleep on the laptop and may have I may have just emailed the results in…
As the proud owner of more than 5 giant alligator/crocodile films and a gamer of some 26 odd years or more from back when the 2600 was bleeding edge somewhere in the middle of that brews a particular kind of insanity that drives me to write for Todd, sometimes the other half lights a scented candle and turns off the house lights & breaks out a box set of Dawson’s Creek and as such I have no choice but to leave the room and do something productive.
I’m sure I’ll update this blog thing occasionally so look out for more inane ramblings soon…

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