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Hey there Toddites.

As you probably know, I'll no longer be working on the series for the foreseeable future. This is mainly because at the moment I've just not got the time to put into it and I don't want to do a half assed job and screw it up. So for now I'm hanging up my TeamTodd storyboard shirt. Gax has said that I can come back and work on the show again anytime I want, which is pretty cool and I'm hoping that I can come back soon.
I'd like to say a big thanks to all the TeamTodd guys and girls who have made me feel welcome and involved even though in relation to the rest of the team I'm so far away. I though being in the US and the rest of the team being in the UK would have caused a lot of problems but everything was worked out and went extremely well. I'd also like to say thanks to our fans especially to the ones who I have received messages from about my work on Todd. I hope that you continue to enjoy the series and give the other guys all your support.
I'll be keeping up to date with all things Todd on the
website/Facebook/Twitter and YouTube.
Thanks again to everyone and I hope to be back here soon.

Yo Toddites!
Just a bit of a quick blog from me before I go missing for another couple of months again blog wise. Looks like we've come to the end of the first series now and I've gotta say It's been truly awesome. I have only just had a chance to watch the newest episode but before I did I rewatched all the other 4 episodes, it was cool to the progress with each one how the animation gets smoother, design gets cleaner, acting gets better and the length gets longer and longer. I'm really looking forward to getting involved with the second series when we start work on it. I've been pretty preoccupied with personal things lately so it's taken me a bit longer to get the storyboards done but all of those things are either sorted or not as big an issue now so I will be able to give my Todd work my full attention again. I'm going try and get into Tweeting once the new work rolls in so I can keep you all updated on what I'm upto. I don't do any Tweeting but I do enjoy reading what the others guys write in theirs and I want in, but I just keep forgetting to do it. Before I go I urge you to watch the entire series of Todd all the way through it's truly wicked and the work that the others are doing on it will make it even better!
See you soon!

G'Day all

It's been an age since my last blog, partly because I was pretty busy with all the Todd episode 3 work that I had on, then it was Christmas and New Year when I went away for a couple of weeks and then some other stuff happened too. But I'm back now and raring to get my teeth into what looks to be another excellent episode. I got the script through over the weekend and have spent a couple of days reading it, making a couple of notes for Storyboarding and Animation and generally trying to get my brain wrapped around the entire concept of the episode. All I can say is no wonder it took Colin a while to get a version together that makes sense and is ready for us to begin our part. All in all it's a great script and I'm pretty much ready to rock Storyboard wise, just awaiting the go from Gax and then I'll be off and there will be no stopping me. I'm not going to give to much away at this time but I think if you like the Portal games, you are going to love this episode. I really enjoyed playing them and can see this is going to be a great episode but of course even if you don't like Portal, you're going to love anyway cause it's Todd!

On another note, because I'm the only Trans Atlantic member of TeamTodd I'm over here plugging the show as much as I can at any oppurtinity. And I'm told I'm starting to sound like I'm from the UK, not sure if this is true or not but I guess it could be down to talking to Gax a lot and picking up his Manchester accent or maybe just because I re read the scripts a lot and as they are very British I'm picking some stuff up from there, ey it's not taht I mind about sounding more English but I do find it interesting the way that people pick up accents/a way of talking when around people for a length of time.

I'll also be going back over to the UK in the next couple of months, staying with either Gax, Mark or Jess. Looking forward to meeting some of the new members of the team that have come on board since my last visit last year.

I'll bid you farewell for now, keep enjoying Todd and look out for our updates on Facebook and Twitter.


Greeting from New York!

It’s been an age since my last blog, as I’ve now finished all my work on Todd episode 3 I thought it would be a good time to update you on whats going on with me.

Well as I said I’ve finished all the episode 3 work that I had to do, I completed all the storyboards a while back and sent them over to the guys in UK so they could start the design stage, after the design work was done for my scenes, Gax sent me over the cells and my animation work could begin. It’s been....interesting doing the work on this episode, I can’t say I’ve ever seen let alone animated a killer vending machine but it’s been pretty cool to do. Working on the series you always get to work on some unique things which is always good fun and always brings some fresh challenges. I’m hoping in the new year I will have more time to work on Todd and get even more involved in whatever ways I can. But between now and then I’m having a break (of course sanctioned by Gax haha!) I have the feeling that it won’t be a complete break however, I think I’m going to take the time to practice my storyboarding and Todd toon design abilities, both so I don’t get rusty and if I can, try to improve them. But I’ll also be spending more time with my girl and my family which I’ve not had the chance to do lately.

So for now I’ll say cheerio :) See you all real soon!

Hey there fellow Toddites!
I’ve been quiet these past couple of weeks because I’ve had quite a lot on over this side of the world. Had several pieces of great news in my personal life, for one my brother and his wife are now expecting their first child so I’m gonna be an uncle! Who know, if it’s a boy they might call it Todd! haha and the other cool piece of news is that my girlfriend has finally given in and decided to move in with me, so we’ve been spending quite some time sorting things out, getting rid of all my old crap and making room for here crap haha!
So not really done much work for TeamTodd recently but now I’ve got some time I’m going to head straight into it. I’ve got a couple more story boards to do and then I’ve finished all the ones that are needed for Level 2. We had our animation meeting yesterday in which I had my usual webcam hook up. It was a pretty good meeting really, got to say hey to the new guy Luke and have a chat with the guys again. Got some more animation work from Gax, I’m glad he liked the last lot I did, makes it all worth while, hope I can do as good a job on this batch I’ve been given.
Still really enjoying being a part of TeamTodd and hoping to contribute much more in the future!
So that’s it from me for now I guess, I’m going to send this over to Mark for uploading and then I’m jumping straight onto my PC to get some of this animation done.
Bye for now guys and girls

Ahoy there mateys!
A quickie from me today cause I’m writing this before I go out to work. Just wanna let you all know what I’ve been up to the past few weeks.
I’ve finished more story boards and sent them back to the guys over in the UK, also had a very informative and interesting web viewer session with Gax where he showed me how they do the animation and avi creation. So for the past couple of day’s I’ve been giving that a go.
Sounds like Gax is pretty happy with what I’ve done so far so that’s really keeping me motivated to keep going, doing this work is awesome, so glad I got in contact with Gax when I did.
Anyway I’ll be off to work so I’ll see you all real soon and just let me say, Level 2 is looking wicked!!!

Hey there mateys!
Can’t believe this is only my 2nd blog, been so damn busy lately that I’ve hardly had any chance to get them done but I promise to try harder in the future!
So since I did my last blog which was on the 23rd May I’ve managed to story board scenes 1-9 from Level 2 and sent them back to Gax and happily he liked them and is keeping me on as the story board artist for the series which is awesome to the max! Now that I’m officially a member of the team and I’ve proved myself worthy Gax is going to show me and guide me in the way of animating Todd so I can start to work with Meg on actually creating avis and things for the Levels, I really can’t wait to get started with that! I’ve been working with the team now on the series for about 3-4 weeks and I can officially say they are the coolest bunch of people I have ever worked with, I know at times it’s difficult what with me being in New York at the rest of the team being over in UK but they’ll always make time for me whenever I need help or have questions, Gax has been ultra cool with help and advice to push me in the right direction and he’s always on the other end of the phone whatever time of day or night.
Can’t wait for our web meeting over the weekend so I can see the animation process in action and so I can get more info on recruiting people over this side of the world for the Todd the Zombie StreetTeam, sounds awesome!
I think that’s enough from me now so I’ll let you get on with your day.
Thanks for reading!

It’s my first bloooooooooooog!!!!!
Right now that’s out of my system maybe I should tell you who I am! I’m Sam, 24, from New York, recently recruited to the fine Team of Todd to ply my trade in doing the storyboards and helping out with animation and anything else that’s needed. Really I’m a jack-of-all trades, I applied for TeamTodd by showing Gax some of the random little animations that I used to do (not so much any more) and some of the crazy drawings/comics and storyboards I’ve done before too, luckily he was impressed so here I am, a proud member of TeamTodd, trying to prove that I belong!
I was given the first scenes from Episode 2 by Gax the other day and I’ve already made a start on them, I’d love to show you guys but my scanner broke and I couldn't get them on my laptop to put on here but hopefully soon I’ll get them on and you can have a look at my work.
Well I think that’s all I can say for now, now that I've introduced myself I better get back on with the work. My pencils are calling!

Later guys!

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