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Hiyas Toddites!

It's the first of the month again! Where is this year going? It's been a little bit since I put any blogs up that's mainly because I've been so busy lately, I've kept meaning to put something together but just never got around to it really. But here we go :)
Being a TeamTodd admin is harder than it sounds. Lately I've been working on a few things. The main one being trying to get a better release medium that YouTube. YouTube had unfortunatly gone a bit down in my estimation recently. The quality of videos is getting worse, there are adverts every 2 seconds which just bugs people trying to watch your videos, the load time just seems to be getting longer and longer and even the upload time is getting longer. All in all it's just getting more and more annoying as we go on, so I've been checking out some other sites for upload and other ways to get the videos out. As you may already know, we have several of the videos up on Vimeo which is much better. I'm also looking into DailyMotion among others. I'll let you know how I get on with this and I'm sure you'll be noticing some changes very soon. I've also been hunting down some fun zombie/geeky pics which, if you Like Todd on Facebook, you'll have noticed that I've been putting up regularly. I just thought that this broke up the Todd news a bit plus, when people share the pics it means that links for the page spread to new people so we get some new fans. It's all part of a bigger plan haha :D
There are a few other things that I'm working on but I'm going to keep quiet about those as the are not really official yet so I'm sworn to secrecy.
Today this is probably the only real Todd work I'll do, I've decided to spend the day tidying the house, which is possibly in the worst state it's ever been in. It's so bad that I've actually run out of glasses to drink from! I don't know how I let it get this bad cause normally I'm really tidy. I blame Mark and his bad influence of untidyness. But as he's not here today I'm going to take this oppurtunity to catch up on my cleaning/tidying and washing. Of course this part of the blog may not end up in here cause he posts them up for me so he may edit this out, but we'll see if he actually reads it haha :P
So off to spend my Sunday doing house work. Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Byes for now!


It's been aaaaaaaages since my last blog. Been really busy promoting Todd and working on some new and exciting things for the Fan pages. You may or may not know whats going  on but I'm going to tell you anyway hehe.
We now have a 'Toddite of the Week' and a top fans league on our
Facebook page. It's really simple to participate, just 'Like' Todd on Facebook and then Like/Comment/Post on the page during the week to have a chance to be picked on a Sunday as 'Toddite of the Week'. All your likes and comments are calculated and added up to enter you into the top fans league, you get 5 points per post, 5 points per like and 10 points per comment. We're only testing this at the moment but if it's a success we're looking at making it a permanent thing and giving away Todd prizes.
The Twitter page is just ticking along nicely, slowlly building up our Followers. We've also been pushing the YouTube page on various sites too. And now along with the posters that Ecky has been designing this week we now have more ways of getting the word of Todd out there to more people.
Another things I've been upto is getting us on some top website listings. So far we're on 2, where we are are at #13 and where we are at #116. So head over there and vote for us now to get us higher on the lists and look out for our entry onto more toplists.

Hiyas again to all the Toddites out there in the world! Hope you’re all doing well!

Well I’ve been busy of late with a few little projects that I’ve got going on, the main one being the Todd the Zombie shop over on Big Cartel. As you may have noticed there isn’t much in there at the moment but I’m working on some more things to put up for sale, today I put up our 2nd product, which is a set of 6 handmade 8bit coasters of the Todd cast for 4 (1 shipping). These have been created with a peg bored and plastic beads, painstakingly put together one bead at a time. It was an idea that Gax had and I managed to find the materials and method for putting them together, it’s been a fun little project. Now they’re up for sale I’m working on the next idea, which I’m keeping a secret for now until I can get it a bit more together and see what the guys think.

The other project I’m working on is a little bit of a webcomic, I’ve been reading quite a few of them online recently and really want to start one of my own. I’ve got a few ideas but still trying to figure which is the best to do and which would be most fun, so for now make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more updates about it and hopefully it will be coming very soon.

Things for episode 3 of Todd seem to be coming together now too and Gax tells me that the release will be very soon, and I for one can’t wait. Having seen several screenshots and partly finished scenes I can tell it’s going to be a great episode, the trailer is online now on the YouTube channel here

Well tonight we’re having a bit of a team get together so no doubt we’ll be coming up with all sorts of new crazy ideas for the show. So again I say keep ‘em peeled!

Wow it’s been quite a while since my last blog update, there’s been so much happening here its difficult to know where to start.
Let’s start with the news of the release of the new episode of the series, yep that’s right, episode 2 is online now and if you’ve not watched it yet then click here and watch it now! We’re currently doing a lot of promotion for this episode and trying to spread the word of Todd and get more views and subscribers on YouTube so be sure to tell all your friends and family about Todd and make sure they watch it!
Talking of the YouTube channel, we may have some exciting news about it coming very soon so make sure you look out for that.
Work on episode 3 has begun so the rest of the guys are gearing up to get going with it, once the script has been approved by Gax.
Myself and Gax have also been working on a new Todd shop, there is a link for it at the top of the page but you can also click here to visit it. At the moment we only have the goodie bags for sale (which have been dropped in price) but we’ll soon be bringing you all sorts of Todd goodies so keep and eye out for updates on new products.
So like I said, it’s all go here at TeamTodd. Hope you’re still enjoying the series and are looking forward to what the future brings as much as we all are.

It seems like ages since my last blog, but that’s probably because it has been over a month!
So what have I been up to the past month I hear a couple of you asking? Well, I’ve been hiding in the background doing my usual Todd promotion and looking after all the Admin side of Todd...but as well as that I have been working on getting Todd out there in other places too, working with Gax to build some contacts and also looking into other sites that we can upload episodes to that will give better quality. You may have noticed that we’ve setup on Vimeo now, so far we’ve only put episode 1 and the episode 2 Preview up on there to see how they get on view wise, the overall quality does seem better than YouTub so it might be that full episodes will only appear on there and there may be some exclusive content just for Vimeo that will also be put up. All in all I’ve been pretty busy even though you’ve not really heard much from me lately, but rest assured i’m always in the background beavering away and keeping everything together.
Todd is also on Google+ now too, as is Gax. So if you hunt for Gareth Ellis or Todd Zombie they will be there for you to add to your circles for more updates and whatnot.
As you may have read in Marks blog (if you’ve not read it yet go read it now! well now but when you’ve finished reading mine :P) things have been pretty hectic over the past few weeks and it’s been a bit of a difficult time for the team and Gax in particular. Things seem to be coming back together now though so it’s only a matter of time until we see episode 2 released and I for one can’t wait to see it!
So that’s my little update done for now, I’ll catch you soon!

It’s been a great weekend of promotion for us here at TeamTodd, I just want to say thanks to all you guys out there that are either Facebook fans/ YouTube friends & Subscribers and Twitter Followers....You are AWESOME!!!!!
I believe there is a lot of work going on this weekend for the production of the next episode but some has been put on hold because our beloved Overlord Gax has injured his back, Get Well Soon Gax!! To cheer him up why not drop him a little message at his Twitter page @GaxTZ or maybe on our Facebook page, show him we love him! Haha’s food time, bye for now :) X

First of course I have to say thanks to all the Todd Facebook fans out there, you are AWESOME! As you may know we hit our 2000 Likes target on Facebook on Wednesday (22nd) it was a great night and we would like to thank you all once again, but don’t forget to keep spreading the word of Todd.
So what have I been up to this week? Well I’ve been promoting Todd of course, I’ve also been working on all our pages (Facebook/Twitter & YouTube) making them look prettier and sending links out here there and everywhere to get Todd out there. So far it’s all going really well and it’s great fun.
For now I’ll leave you with the link for the 2000 Facebook Fans commemorative Short, enjoy! Click here to watch

So we didn’t get to 2000 fans on the Facebook page,  but we’re up to 1855 which is still pretty wicked! So a big thanks to all who joined and spread the word of Todd this past week. This means that I get the Honour of paying for a months advertising on Facebook.
But keep spreading the word and getting all your Facebook friends to hit that Like button the the Todd page, because once we get to 2000 we still get that special episode that Gax has created.
Love Minion Jess :)

Just got home from a ‘long’ 3 hour shift at work haha! and thought I’d put something up about the challenge I put up on Facebook earlier. As you may or may not know, Myself, Mark, Megan and Gax had a but of meeting on Saturday to discuss the future of Todd on this website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and elsewhere on the interweb. All in all in went really well, I was able to tell Gax some of my ideas for things I would like to do in the near future and he was able to give me some decent feedback (or just tell me the idea was crap haha!) Anyway so we were talking about Facebook and I said how well it seemed to be going and how I reckon I could get way more people to hit that ‘Like’ bottom and although I know that Todd could be really popular after we get it out there a bit more and get more done on it I stupidly accepted Gax’s challenge which I think he only meant as a joke to begin with but which has now turned into Minion Vs Overlord Mortal Kombat.
His challenge was this:
‘Have 2000 or more Likes on Todd’s Facebook page by next Saturday night (18th June) If we do then I get a cool prize, Gax buys us all a full nights worth of drinks and also has a special little Todd short for you guys to watch online. If we don’t have that many likes then I have to pay for all a full months advertising for Todd.’
Now I know that you guys will support me in this! I have faith in you to help me by telling all your friend s family and people you pass on the street all about Todd and how they need to Like him on Facebook or the world will end on Saturday night!
So come on guys let’s get up to 2000 and beyond and get one over on the Overlord, Minions FTW!!!!!!!!

As promised here’s my first blog.
Never written a blog before so I think I’m just going to rabbit on until my fingers hurt and can’t think of anything else to say but as seen as it’s me that might take quite a while to do.
I think as it’s my first I should probably start by introducing myself and what I do around here. My name’s Jess Slater and for Todd the Zombie I’m the main Facebook admin and have just been ‘promoted’ to Twitter admin too, so most of the things you’ll see on the Facebook page I’ll have put on there and I’ll have put everything onto the Twitter page, if you have any comments or suggestions on either of these or you just want to drop me an email, feel free to throw and email across to me at I’m always up for a chat whenever. In my personal time I love to play on my 360 and PS3 at the moment I’m playing LA Noire & Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, and on the PC I’m still into WoW (World of Warcraft if you didn’t already know) at the moment I’m playing a Worgen Warlock on Blades Edge EU Server. I love horror/ sci-fi & comedy movies but being a part of team Todd it helps to really enjoy zombie movies the most.
So a couple of weeks ago I went over to the US, originally went over to LA but also did a bit of travelling around as I was there for a 3 weeks and ended up visiting Sam Williams who you may now already know is our new Storyboard artist for Todd. I met some very interesting and fun people while I was over in the US and had an awesomely fun time, so much so that I didn’t want to come back and wouldn’t have minded if my plane was delayed due to the ash cloud problems but unfortunatly it wasn’t. But nevermind. I did some promoting of Todd while I was over there so I hope that it gained us some new followers/fans from that side of the world.
At the moment I’m working with Gax to put together a Todd ‘Street Team’ so that you guys can be rewarded for advertising and spreading the word of Todd, more details of this will be coming soon so be sure to keep your eyes open for these opportunities in the near future.
I’m now also on Twitter on my own account so you can Follow me on there if you like too @JessLSTZ
Bye bye for now Todd fans

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