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I felt it was time to update you guys with series 2 about to  premiere.  It feels like an eternity since I have had anything to do  with Todd as I recorded about 4 months ago.  I am currently seeing the  world and may not be able to participate with future episodes for a  while.  I will try some more recordings from here and see what the  overlord makes of it and hopefully I can stay on board.  I have had a  little go at writing a script but I am currently at a loss of how to  finish it.  I got to meet the RED DWARF cast recently, not Todd related  but cool. I have also got hooked on Castle currently on season 2.

What would I like to see from Todd in the future, this is the TAKE NOTE COLIN section :

  • Red Dwarf
  • Starfox/wing depending on where you grew up
  • Firefly
  • A few digs at the new Trek

I hope Sam continues well on his road to recovery.
There is still a vacancy for a female voice actress to join the team. Go
here for info.
Reading this back I have noticed I start to many sentences with I.
Remember guys, don’t panic and always carry a towel.

Hi guys this is as it says my first blog and not just the first Todd blog. In traditional fashion I have had a few and then have come online.
For those who don’t know me I do the voices that are usually  redshirt (I refuse to explain this) roles. I have had a read of the  script for ep 5 and I'm excited and glad I'm not an animator at the same  time too. From what I can work out I have 3 separate voices this time,  so that is my biggest challenge so far, as I have to work out how to do 3 distinct voices. I'm not sure when recording starts as yet, I'm waiting to hear from the creator.
Gonna wrap it up here for now before I start talking rubbish.
Be excellent to each other

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