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Name: Colin Ellis
TeamTodd Role: Scriptwriter & general trouble maker & Cinema Manager
Favourite Movie: Aliens
Favourite TV Series: Currently:  Burn Notice, Castle, Modern Family, Community, Bones, Braquo, The Killing, South Park & more…
Favourite Game: Gears of War Trilogy
Desired Super Power: Automatic Spelling/Grammar Check
A bit about me: I’m the super-film geek of the group (which considering the others is something ), always searching out new awesome movies and updating my back catalogue of ‘classics’ such as The Stuff, Street Trash and more!  I’ve been gaming my entire looooong life and use my special skills of recollection to insert lots of gaming references (sometimes known as jokes (hopefully!)) into every episode of Todd.  I’m the one who always goes ‘wouldn’t it be great if…’ just to see Gareth’s face when I come out with some outlandish plot device - such as a killer vending machine.  If I’m not gaming/movie watching then I’m searching for ultra fancy collectors editions of things or Aliens related merchandise - so if you see anything I might like, give me a shout…

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